Pay-Per-Click Marketing

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Organic SEO and Pay Per Click

Organic Search Engine Optimization vs. Search Engine Marketing (paid ads) is a difficult balance for any business that takes their online presence seriously.  MOBA Creative will help your company decide which service can provide the best results in your marketing campaigns and pinpoint problems that may be hidden so that you can plan accordingly.

MOBA Creative will help you choose the best options but it’s important to focus on the results you want.  Both SEO and SEM are good ways to attract visitors, but they use different methods to accomplish this.  SEO is an effort that focuses on building your site to be more on par with what Search Engines are looking for.  Keep in mind that Google’s main product is their search results, so they want to bring the best possible content to their users.


Major Search Engines like Google are hyper focused on providing what they see as the most relevant content to their users.  They prefer to highlight websites with straightforward navigation and simple but relevant qualities.  SEM is the process of building advertisements and acquiring bids on keywords that potential customers will likely submit to search engines.

There is no magic button to make your business appear on the front page of a search result.   However, MOBA Creative can help you understand how online marketing works, and create the best plan for your business.

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