Transitioning from WordPress blog to a hosted plan

Transitioning from WordPress blog to a hosted plan

WordPress Blog vs Full Service Host

WordPress is a great environment for bloggers, and a lot of the plans are basically free.  Wordpress software is free in itself, but users will need a server to get their website online.  The cheap versions that WordPress offers do not offer much customization, and limited opportunity for development and SEO.

MOBA Creative has had a lot of WordPress blog customers that outgrew their simple blog.  They want to customize, monetize, and do more with their site.   When looking to upgrade their blog, they are faced with a choice:   What hosting plan do I need?   WordPress itself charges $299/year for their highest level plan.  Competitors charge well into the $100-200/year range for similar plans.  For non-technical people, and for those on a budget, it can be a daunting choice.  MOBA Creative works with our customers to show them what hosting can do for them based on their needs.

More importantly, we also offer full-service hosting for $59/year.   Migrating a website may incur a small fee.  For customers that build a website with us, hosting is free for the first year.

See why a small business can make a big difference for you, your website, and your project or business.  Contact MOBA Creative to learn more about hosting and other services!

Your Website Needs Digital Marketing

Your Website Needs Digital Marketing

The MOBA Difference

At MOBA Creative, we strive to give you the best opportunity for your business to thrive online.  Your website is the cornerstone of your online presence and for your business to grow, your website needs visitors.  That is why we suggest a Digital Marketing package with a multitude of strategies to get more visitors to your website.   Without Digital Marketing, your website may very well sit online with no visitors.

Engine for Online Presence

You could think of your website like a car.  Buying a new website without Digital Marketing is like buying a new car with no engine in it.  Sure, it looks nice, but it will just sit in the garage and you’ll never get to drive it and see what it can really do.  This is why we suggest more than just a website for your business so you  can actually grow online and people can find your company.  MOBA Creative offers robust Digital Marketing packages that will really get your website moving!

Tools for Success

Your company’s online presence needs to cut through the competition so that more people will visit your site and convert into customers.  We offer a variety of tools including: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Business Setup, Local Search, Business Listings, and more. These tools, among others, are incredibly important for your business to succeed online.  With the help of MOBA Creative, your online presence can thrive thanks to our Digital Marketing services.

How to Keep your Visitors Engaged

How to Keep your Visitors Engaged

The MOBA Difference

So you have a website for your business but what to do now? You’ll have to do more than present your content on a static set of pages. There are many instances when a visitor comes to a website, briefly views the homepage and then leaves, possibly never returning.  The rate of this occurrence is called your Bounce Rate.

To improve your bounce rate, you’ll need to start using some marketing principles and apply them to your website. A good place to start is with a fundamental law of marketing: Attraction. Sexy may not be the word that comes to mind when describing your website but visitors need to be attracted to your site. You will need visitors to not only convert into customers but you want them to be excited to do so, to leave reviews and recommend your services. In other words, your website should be attractive, engaging, and fun. Some business owners are so into their business that they have lost their objectivity or are immune to criticism. This can cause lasting damage to your marketing efforts and you should be open to advice and constructive criticism.

Zero in on your Target

Understanding your target market is key in targeting these individuals to provide your services.  Your target may have a common cause or goal and your website needs to reflect this, catering to the needs of this group of people.  This is why Social Media Marketing is so important today.  Social Media sites are a great way for groups of like-minded people to come together for a specific topic or cause.  You can tap into this with help from MOBA Creative getting another step closer to zeroing in on your target market.  After all, it’s not just the quantity of visitors that makes a site successful, it’s the quality of these visitors and the perceived relevance of your website to their needs.

Refer someone to MOBA Creative, get money!

Refer someone to MOBA Creative, get money!

How does 10% sound?

Do you know a friend, family, or business that needs web design services?   Well, you are in luck, that is what MOBA Creative does! Wanna know how else you are in luck?   If they end up doing a web design or SEO package with MOBA Creative, we will give you 10%.   That’s right.   We close the deal, you get 10%.

The referral doesn’t have to be in Kansas City.   We can do web design, SEO work, and everything else for customers all over the United States and the world.

So, let us know if you or someone you know needs our services.  We are glad to help.  Just contact us here.  Thanks!

Website Design in Kansas City

Website Design in Kansas City

Why Design is Important


At MOBA Creative we are first and foremost a Web Design company in Kansas City.  Since your website is the home base of your online presence, the way it looks and how visitors interact with it is top priority.   We will provide you an outstanding website so that your online presence begins with a professional and up-to-date look with an exciting home page.

One of the metrics we monitor in our websites is something called Bounce Rate.  Bounce Rate is the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page.  In other words, if your homepage is boring or unattractive, visitors go no further into your website than that first page.  The more we can reduce your Bounce Rate, the more quality visitors are interacting with your website.  A design that looks current and aesthetically pleasing will drastically improve your Bounce Rate as well as customer experience.

Your Shop


Another way to think of your website is to imagine it as your local shop, or physical location of your business.  You wouldn’t want a customer to walk in your shop and think it looked old and dingy.  They might not want to spend their money in such a shop.  Your website is an online version of that physical shop.  That is why website design in Kansas City is so important to help your business to grow.

At MOBA Creative, we strive to be the best in the industry in Website Design, SEO, and Social Media Marketing.  We have the tools and the knowledge to help your business succeed online.  Contact us today for a free consultation to learn more about how MOBA Creative can improve your online presence with an outstanding Website Design.

SEO in Kansas City

SEO in Kansas City

SEO in Kansas City and beyond

Here at MOBA Creative, we get a lot of customers from KC, but also from around the country and even internationally.   One thing that everyone has in common is that they want to show up in search results on google and other search engines.  “Thanks for the website, now I want it to show up on the first page of Google.”

If there was a magic switch we could turn on for your website and be done with it, we would push it.   We would also be millionaires.   Neither is the case.   What MOBA Creative reminds its customers is that SEO is a marathon, not a sprint.   Search results are Google’s product, and they want the best products to show up first.    So, to show up on the front page of Google, you actually have to have to be the best option around.

Current case study:  Lawyer SEO in Kansas City

We have an SEO customer that is a lawyer here in KC.   He is already hitting the front page of Google for some search results, but not his most lucrative service.    His industry is highly competitive, and highly rewarding when SEO works for him.   So, we developed a 6-month plan that is multi-pronged.

Just a few of the things MOBA Creative does to make sure that his website succeeds:

  • Optimized to industry standards
  • Has awesome content (we are creating 16 new pages and subpages over 6 months)
  • Do a lot of behind the scene working so that his website has proper practices for the best SEO for KC
  • Correct old SEO mistakes (This one is HUGE, a lot of bad/shoddy practices have to be rectified, even though his site is already near the top of Google for a few keywords)

We are only a couple months into his 6 month package, and he is seeing results already.  His page is rising and the new content is improving his SEO in KC.   MOBA Creative is excited to see what 2017 will have in store for him.

If you think your website could benefit from a redesign and SEO help, let MOBA Creative know.  We would love to give you a free consultation and see if our businesses would be a good fit.