Transitioning from WordPress blog to a hosted plan

Transitioning from WordPress blog to a hosted plan

WordPress Blog vs Full Service Host

WordPress is a great environment for bloggers, and a lot of the plans are basically free.  Wordpress software is free in itself, but users will need a server to get their website online.  The cheap versions that WordPress offers do not offer much customization, and limited opportunity for development and SEO.

MOBA Creative has had a lot of WordPress blog customers that outgrew their simple blog.  They want to customize, monetize, and do more with their site.   When looking to upgrade their blog, they are faced with a choice:   What hosting plan do I need?   WordPress itself charges $299/year for their highest level plan.  Competitors charge well into the $100-200/year range for similar plans.  For non-technical people, and for those on a budget, it can be a daunting choice.  MOBA Creative works with our customers to show them what hosting can do for them based on their needs.

More importantly, we also offer full-service hosting for $59/year.   Migrating a website may incur a small fee.  For customers that build a website with us, hosting is free for the first year.

See why a small business can make a big difference for you, your website, and your project or business.  Contact MOBA Creative to learn more about hosting and other services!