Meet MOBA Creative

Our Story

MOBA Creative is a web design and development company. This is an over-simplified way to explain what we do.  There is a seemingly endless amount of work that goes on behind the scenes to craft a quality web presence.  We handle all of the unseen work so you can have something beautiful on the surface.

Our Mission

We believe that every business needs a quality web presence.  Gone are the days when we could just design websites and leave them to sit.   Websites, SEO, paid marketing, updates, content, social media…. it’s all a full-time job.   We formed MOBA Creative to help busy professionals be effective online.

Why MOBA Creative?

MOBA- Missouri (MO) Brad (B) Adam (A).   If you have ever tried to legally name a business and get a domain at the same time, you will find that everything appears to be taken.    We wanted to create something that is personal to us, instead of “Online Digital Solutions Website Maker.”   So, there we are, MOBA Creative.

Brad Hansen

Brad Hansen

Front End Developer

Brad is the co-founder and lead designer here at MOBA Creative.   He has a diverse education and work background that spans foreign language, 10 years of corporate work, the e-commerce industry, and design.

Fun fact:  Brad is super tall (6’7″) and he loves puns…..   A lot of people really look up to him.

Adam Speer

Adam Speer

Back End Developer

Adam Speer is the other co-founder and lead developer here at MOBA Creative.   His education includes Computer Science, Music, English Literature, and Web Development with a strong interest in Cyber Security.  Adam has over 6 years of experience in the Web Development industry.

Fun fact:  Adam is a huge Sci-fi nerd.  He seriously can’t get enough of his favorite movies, books, and tv shows.

Cody Adams

Cody Adams

Marketing Director

With 5 years of experience in digital marketing, Cody is MOBA Creative’s Marketing Director.  His experience in Digital Marketing has taught him that a well rounded approach will help your different marketing campaigns make each other stronger and gain a bigger audience.

Fun Fact:  He was once known as AE3 Adams when he fixed helicopters in the Navy.



Moral Support

What Burrito lacks in formal education, communication skills, and general smarts…. he makes up for it with his high emotional intelligence.  That is really all he is bringing to the table, though.  Seriously.   He is real bad with design and has no coding knowledge whatsoever.


Fun fact:  Burrito is a stubborn Taurus.

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